VaelynPhi (vaelynphi) wrote in determinism,

New me...

I believe determinism is a necessary consequence of causality.

Free will seems to be a contradiction in terms. Will is a determined quality, the factor involving me and who I am, my preferences and outlook--all which come from my collected experience, filtered through my genetic makeup. Free seems to demand that something outside of me makes my choices, which means it wouldn't be my will at all.

Otherwise, I have to accept that some part of my being is acausal, which is not possible.

I think that we have volition, which is clear, and that it is, necessarily, ours, and it's as free as possible, and as free as we need, insofar as it's ours. How could it be otherwise?

kentox seems to have a fairly difficult argument against determinism, though I am convinced it isn't sound (though perhaps valid). [Please refrain from taking the debate directly to his journal, unless you absolutely must; I post his argument here only to generate some in-group responses, not to heckle him.]

What do you lot think?
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