Libby (static_rhapsody) wrote in determinism,

soft determinism: thoughts? suggestions?

I'm not well read on soft determinism so could someone point me in the right direction.

I'm looking for a soft determinist view that still defines free will as "ability to do otherwise" and argues that it coexists with determinism.

Also, could someone please suggest for me readings that criticise Hume's view on soft determinism?

I could be misunderstanding Hume, but I feel as if he (and probably many other soft determinisms) are actively seeking ways of proving that we are still responsible for our own actions. Is this a problematic method of proving compatibility?

(a very confused first year form the University of Sydney)
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Deleted comment

thank you.
I argue that the truth of determinism depends on which hemisphere of the globe one is currently living in. Southern, or northern.

That's my position.