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If God Exists...

As according to Christian dogma, how do we have free will?

I am going to present this merely as a line of 'thus' if that makes any sense.
The way I see it: God created everything, thus God knows everything.

If God knows everything, this suggests to me that God knows both the past, as well as the future (or rather the future as time relates to us, I shall get to this point ina moment). And if this is true, then that suggests to me, that time is predetermined, our actions are predetermined, our choices are predetermined, and if all of this is true, then ultimately it was God's decision for us to go to Heaven or Hell.

In the game Legacy of Kain: Defiance, the story-line makes exactly this kind of distinction. Kain argues that all beings are ultimately bound to one path which they must follow (which is ironic considering his trips through time have often created alternate time-lines in which history was altered, suggesting that there must be some greater power overseeing this for the purpose of a few individuals), but there is one person who has free-will, and the power to make a choice.

Now, some Christians I have argued with have made it a point that 'God exists outside of time' but to me, this just supports my idea that if God exists, then there is no free will. If God does exist outside of time, this suggests to me that God can then view all of time in a single glance, as there is no past, present, or future for God. (Think the aliens in Slaughterhouse-Five, that's always a reference I like to use in regards to this. They could view time as a series of panels I guess it was, and knew that they would destroy the universe some day with an experimental engine they were testing. I don't remember why they didn't try to stop it though.)

Does this argument make sense?
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